Hardy Weinberg

Here is a link to the Geisel's Songbirds activity.
Please read the intro section which goes over stuff done in class today. Note that this was originally written up a in 2011. The date is given as "Apocalypse Friday" because it was the day that the world was supposed to end based on the predictions of this weird apocalyptic prophet named Harold Camping. I never rewrote it. Also, it makes reference to a screencast of the lecture, which is not any longer maintained on the web.
But, the background is there in the writeup. What I think we will do is work on the main part of the assignment in class while we are waiting for various steps in the procedure we will be doing.
So, read the background, and read over the main part to get the gist of it. Look up some of the terms in the vocabulary list, especially the bold ones. The types of selection and types of "speciation" events are presented on the last pages.
We can then talk about the assignment and work on it in class.