Cell Project

Here is the link to the rubric

All models of cells suck. Therefore, your model will also suck. You cannot accurately represent all that goes on in a cell, without swamping the representation with detail. But, there are specific things you can show, that will not suck.
Your model should be somewhat 3-dimensional and should show the basic features of a cell (Nucleus, plasma membrane, mitochondria, ER, maybe Golgi). This is the part of the model that will suck. Just the basics represented so that I know you know what they are.
Your goal—the part that shouldn't suck—is to choose cell type and a feature/function of that cell type and illustrate how that cell uses the same tools (proteins) found in pretty much every cell to do something interesting. That's the lesson I want you to take from this…cells repurpose the tools available to do things.
For now, you are just looking for a cell that does something interesting you would like to learn about. It does not have to be a human cell.
Maybe you want to learn about how cells in your eye detect light, or how cells on a shark detect electric fields created by prey. Maybe you want to learn about the cells that make and secrete insulin (if you do, then your representation of the ER and Golgi will have to be much better than other students’, because that’s a key feature of your cell). It is up to you. Make sure you fill out the form showing what you are planning to work on so that we don't have everyone doing the same thing.