Notes from "quest" writing

Section I

First part is a set of 15 terms in a matching column all having to do with DNA replication and telomeres. Straightforward.

Section II

It is followed by a section of multiple choice: probably about 10 or so. They will be familiar for the most part. There will be at least a couple where you have to figure out what gene is mutant that results in the observed failure in DNA replication. Remember to ask yourself: "what's the thing that would normally do that or fix that?"
Also expect to see one or two questions on mitosis and meiosis. They won't be hard. But, you should be able to read a diagram if necessary and know the main events. Don't forget about the role of microtubules and motor proteins in the mitotic and meiotic spindle. I still love the cytoskeleton.

Section III

Free response: one or two at most. I've been thinking about how the chemical requirements of DNA polymerases (that they can only add an incoming deoxy-NTP to a 3'OH of an existing polymer) and how that affects several aspects of DNA replication. You should too.